Intentional Thinking Day 12: Embrace the Power of Yet

Today’s reflection comes from growth mindset researcher, Carol Dweck’s TED talk, “The Power of Yet”. As a teacher, having a growth mindset is a skill I’ve been instructed to try and instill in my students, but I rarely hear anyone talk about encouraging this thought process to adults.

Having a growth mindset is a part of developing the mentalities I wrote about on Day 4 and Day 9 of this series. Basically, embracing “The Power of Yet” means not putting a time limit on what’s possible. It means that rather than thinking you’ve failed at something, you acknowledge that you just haven’t succeeded at it…yet.

People who practice embracing the power of yet are better at delaying gratification and sticking with a task even when it takes a long time to pay off. For example, yesterday, I shared a post of creative people who found success in life. These people know about the power of yet.

For today’s task, I invite you to watch Dweck’s talk and reflect on how you can adopt this mindset.

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